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Here you can find the coalitions for the upcoming election.


Doctorands United Desiring Equality Soon 


We are a group of doctorands trying to ensure PhDs and international students have their voices heard and represented at the Student Union.

Contact Francisco Blas Izquierdo Riera at


My Favourite Party


MFP is a group of students from different divisions with a common interest in the Student Union and all of its peculiarities. Some of us have more previous experience from engagements within the Student Union while some of us are newer to it, yet everyone is welcome to join!

We want to make sure that taking part in the activities provided by the Student Union is enjoyable to everyone - and that partaking in the Student Union Council is enjoyable as well!

Contact Albert Vesterlund at




Förbundet is at its core students from the D and IT divisions.

We believe that better awareness will lead to greater involvement and an increased sense of ownership among the members. That is why we want students to be well informed about major decisions and long-term initiatives within the student union. By doing so, we hope that the student union's long-term vision will more clearly represent the opinions of the student body. We want a respected, engaged and impactful council which can affect the union to align with the needs and interests of all its members.

Get in touch with us if you are from D, IT or anywhere else and want to shape the union's future!

Contact Jacob Bengtsson at


Kalle Anka Partiet


KAP is mainly the coalition for electrical engineers and biomedical engineers, but we're also here for others who have seen the light and opened their hearts to Quarl. Our core issue is adjusting the division fee to a more reasonable 13 SEK, but we're happy to push other issues for the good of our Union!

Contact Isak Dunge at


Kamratpartiet I:arna


Kamratpartiet I:arna consists of students of industrial engineering and management.

Our values include:
- Community on campus
- Social engagement
- Culture promoting studies

Contact Ted Grankvist at


The Majority


The majority consists of one D student.
Our values are:
- Things that involves the majority of Chalmers food.
- Things that involves the majority of the student life.
- Things that involves the majority of Chalmers studies.​

Contact Max Hvid-Hansen at

Zällskapet Logga.png



Increase lunch spaces/study areas for M, Z, TD students

  Limited lunch space, often resort to group rooms or classrooms

  Critical for M and TD due to incoming H program students

  Higher utilization rate of study areas and other spaces

Cash is king

  ATM for cash deposits into student union card or involvement of STORE for cash transactions

Breakfast buffet in the Kårresturang at least once a week

Contact David Mörck at


Chalmers Cortège Parti


The Chalmers Cortège Parti is a coalition originating from Chalmers Cortège Committé. Inspired by the wit and creativity of the annual Chalmers Cortège, our coalition aims to enhance student life through innovation, sustainability, and community engagement. Emphasizing a balance between academic excellence and social well-being, we advocate for policies that improve campus life, support environmental initiatives, and encourage a hands-on approach to learning. Vote for us to contribute to a student environment that is not only focused on academic achievements but also on creating a fun, inclusive, and inspiring university experience for all.

Contact Alva Hellberg at


Plana Terra


Plana Terra is primarily comprised of students from the Global systems division but welcomes anyone who takes a special interest in sustainability and equality questions.


Our aim is to ensure the Student Union takes well-informed decisions regarding ecological, environmental and social sustainability.

Contact Leo Roslund at


Förenade Samhällsbyggare


Förenade Samhällsbyggare is a coalition which represents the interests for the students at the V-, A- and Æ-divisions. We will work towards a more sustainable, equal and unified Chalmers.

Contact Emma Henrysson at


Droopys Enade Förbund


DEF is a coalition of students from the H-division working to represent the views and opinions of the students of Lindholmen.


Our main issue that we will be working with will be regarding the migration of the programs and student divisions currently located at campus Lindholmen. This to ensure that both the migration and the integration goes fairly, as well as a smooth transition for the existing organisations and making sure that suitable accommodations replacing those that exist on campus Lindholmen will be provided. 


Make sure to reach out if you have an interest in these topics, or anything else regarding the H-division and campus Lindholmen!

Contact Einar Oldberg at

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