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Voting for your representative is the most important part of the Student Unions democratic system. Make sure that the Student Union works towards your interests by carefully electing people who will make educated decisions that reflect your views. If you have any questions about either the election or the Student Union Council you are welcome to contact us at


What is the Council

The council, or FuM is short for the Student Union Council and is the highest decision-making body within the union. Fum consists of 35 student representatives who are elected amongst and by the unions 12 000 members to be the voice of the student unions members. Every year almost all student divisions are represented and besides the student representatives the Student Union Management Team along with the Study Division presidents attend the meetings and have the right to speak. All student union members have the right to attend the meeting and send in member bills.

There are 8 FuM-meetings distributed evenly through the academic year. These meetings are held either in Kårrestaurangen at Campus Johanneberg or in a conference room at Campus Lindholmen. At these meetings, free food is served.


How does the election work?

In order to elect the 35 student representatives for the council eacy year we have The Election Committee that organizes the Council election. They  collects candidate registrations, compiles the candidate list and suggest election dates, and markets the election both towards possible candidates and towards the eligible voters, all students.
The election committee consists of 7 members elected by the council before winter break. If you have any questions you want to ask us, send us an email at


Committee of election complaints

The Committee of election complaints make sure that nothing done during the election breaks our constitution.

If you have some issue or complaint regarding fairness or accuracy of the election you can contact the Committee of Election Complaints.

Members of the Comitte of election complaints:


Speaker of the Student Union Council: Jesper Hermenius

Deputy Speaker of the Student Union Council: Oskar Ekberg

Inspector: Dan Paulin


Deputy member:

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