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Who is in the council?

Click below to see all 35 current members in the Student Union Council (FuM) 

Since a total voting participation of more than 22% was reached the union app will be decorated in the colours of GS.
The union managment team will also hold a Gasque.

The Student Union Council

The Student Union council, often abbreviated FuM, is Chalmers Student Union’s highest governing body. Each year, 35 members of the student union are chosen for a term of one year. In the elections to the council, where all members have the right to vote, these representatives are elected.

The council can be likened to the student union parliament, but more fun! Each year they decide the Student Union’s budget and operating plans, but they have also voted about whether or not to peel the potatoes in the restaurant, and if the Union Building should house a grass-fed goat on its roof. More information about the council is available here.

Being a member of the council and making a difference is both easy and fun. Are you interested in pursuing education matters, having an an impact on campus life, improving career opportunities, or influence the Union in any other way, run for the council!

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